Maximizing Returns While Managing Risk

At Wingate, our track record of producing results for private and institutional investors stretches back nearly six decades. We have generated attractive returns by combining a keen understanding of market cycles with a proven process for maximizing value through quality. Wingate has expertise in both market-rate and low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) sectors. 

With Wingate as your investment partner, you enjoy:

  • Time-tested strategies

With more than 60 years of experience, we know how to identify markets and properties with exceptional growth and upside potential. Our understanding of market cycles enables us to avoid “feeding frenzies” that create instability. We maximize that potential through proven capabilities in Development, and Property Management.

  •  Tax-advantaged options

Our specialization in LIHTC developments offers investors tax credits, while helping address the need for affordable housing in select geographic markets.

  •  Superlative service

Wingate senior executives work closely with private and institutional investors to ensure investment strategies are aligned with their individual goals and priorities. We keep our investors informed and up to date through consistent communication.