Tony Gilberti

Vice President of Facilities

Tony Gilberti is a dedicated professional with an impressive journey within the Wingate organization. Joining the company at the age of 16 in 1992 as a cleaner, Tony has devoted his entire career to Wingate, steadily climbing the corporate ladder through hard work and commitment.

Tony transitioned from a cleaner to a Maintenance Tech, eventually becoming the Maintenance Supervisor at Reservoir Towers, one of Wingate's first and flagship properties. Displaying exceptional skills, Tony then joined Marcott Builders, a team of skilled in-house carpenters, electricians, and plumbers exclusively serving the original Wingate management portfolio owned by the Schuster family. Tony has played a pivotal role in handling tasks ranging from routine maintenance to REAC preparations, capital projects, and unit renovations. In recognition of his expertise, Tony was promoted to Senior Project Manager in 2010. In this role, her oversaw commercial properties in Newton and Needham, managing maintenance programs and tenant build-outs associated with lease agreements.

In 2013, Tony ascended to the role of Senior Facilities Coordinator,  overseeing more than 20 properties across different states, including Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois.  His responsibilities encompass a wide array of tasks, from creating tailored preventative maintenance programs to handling REAC inspections, refinancing properties, due diligence for acquisitions, insurance claims, and the coordination of capital expenditures and building rehabilitations. In 2023, Wingate was thrilled to promote Tony Vice President of Facilities.  Tony's multifaceted role involves creating, reviewing, and negotiating contracts for major capital projects, annual budget planning, pricing, and implementation as well as being a friendly leader to the entire Facilities team. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, Tony continues to play a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing Wingate's diverse property portfolio. 

  • Maintenance Tech
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Senior Project Manager 
  • Senior Facilities Coordinator


tony gilberti